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Do you know a little one not a fan of "the green stuff"? Fear not! This laugh-out-loud vegetable picture book guarantees to turn even the pickiest eaters into broccoli enthusiasts!

Join Brocco, the broccoli with a mission, as he enlists his friend Ben the Beans Prince for a hilarious, smelly attack on Mannie the Sausage, who's stealing the dinner table limelight. Can Ricelina the Rice Queen save the day and put an end to bad vegetable days forever?

A True 5-STAR Experience, this best seller picture book:

  • Brings magic to conversations about healthy eating, and the importance of eating a diverse diet.

  • Ideal for picky eaters, with simple home cooking recipes, fun facts, and vegetable jokes, will make children fall in love with the broccoli instantly.

  • Engages and entertains children with a funny, adventurous story that keeps them guessing what happens next

  • Packed with bright and colourful illustrations and lovable characters

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Hilarious Characters

Brocco flexing.png


A cheeky vegetable with big plans to take over the dinner table

Mannie Smiling at himself.png


The handsome sausage who gets all the love

Ben Hello Can.png

Ben the Beans Price

The best friend any vegetable would love to have



The Magic Fairy who fixes all their problems


The dude who is there just for the show. 
So cheesy!

"Rawry was a T- Rex, but you see, he wasn’t just any T-Rex though, he was a Super T-Rex, meaning he had a superpower, and HIS superpower was his smile.

Well ... his big dinosaur grin! 

Whenever Rawry met someone new, he loved to make a grand introduction! He never settled for a simple "Hello, my name is Rawry" in a regular voice.

Instead, he would take a deep breath and proudly ROAR his name out with a big, booming sound that echoed through the jungle. 


Everyone seemed to like it, especially his grandparents, and they would laugh every time he did it, without fail. It soon became his signature HELLO."

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My First Book

There is a good message throughout about healthy eating and it is also very funny which kept my little one engaged until the end. Totally recommend especially if you have a fussy eater.

Children at School

This is perfect for fussy eating pre-schoolers. My daughter didn't really enjoy vegetables but after reading this with her she became a little more open to trying broccoli and even cooking with me. We loved it!

Learning to read

I read this with my grandkids and they loved it, especially the fart part, kids just love that. They also loved the characters, and now refer to the vegetables by the character names here. The book is good fun, nice for bedtime reading but also quiet afternoons. 

Available in Paperback and E-book 
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"The Veggie Mischief is full of fun and laughter and a whole lot of good tips about healthy eating. This is a great story to entertain and educate and young readers will chuckle along as they learn about healthy foods, and how to combine foods from the different food groups to make a meal that’s not only good to eat but is good for the body. The story also educates young readers about collaborating, seeing plans through to completion, and realizing when your plan really isn’t that good a plan. "
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