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About Corina

A fabricator of stories, Corina's creative cogs are constantly spinning to come up with fun filled reads for children and parents with a sense of humour. ​She loves writing fun and clever little stories for fun and clever little people.


When she’s not hanging out with her imaginary character friends, Corina enjoys spending time with her family and friends, desperately trying to turn her office into a wild plant jungle, or doodling mind maps like a mad genius. 

Her happy place is her hammock - the place she comes up with most of her ideas, or anywhere with a green, leafy view. 


How the stories come to life

69694102039__B7C21ABF-B00A-45FB-A31D-5A01069C23ED 2.jpeg

With a swing in the hammock, of course! But that's the easy part. Sweat and giggles later, the words get written, most often in a sprint when brain cogs start spinning, there is smoke coming out of Corina's ears and her laptop keyboard gets bashed with ideas! 


Well, not quite like that, but that is one way of visualising it. It's actually a lot of quiet time writing, editing, re-writing and more editing, coupled most often with a lot of doodling and sketching and colouring to make the story come alive.


Then it's packaging everything up and working with a bunch of other clever people like editors and illustrators, having meetings and exchanging lots of messages and ideas to make sure everything comes together nicely, in a book that will eventually land in the hands of clever and determined little bookworms.

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 17.21.01.png

So here they are, out in the world for all the clever kids to enjoy them! 

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