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“Rawry was a T-REX, but you see, he wasn’t just any T-REX though, he was a super T-REX, meaning he had a superpower, and HIS superpower was his SMILE. Well… his big dinosaur grin.”

Rawry, a young dinosaur who relies on his super smile to achieve great things loses his first milk tooth and finds himself in a panic. But determined to get this smile back, Rawry comes up with hilarious ways to fix the situation and regain his superpower. A wonderful picture book that is guaranteed to make children laugh, with lots of opportunities for them to join in and guess what happens next.

Helpful with conversations about kindness, growing up as well as losing and growing teeth, or alongside classical tooth fairy stories.


Ideal for dinosaur fans and tooth fairy stories, like The Dinosaur That Series or How To Catch A Toot Fairy.


Perfect for ages 4+

Rawry's Missing Tooth

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