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AWARD WINNING picture book that will make kids fall in love with broccoli

Do you know a little one not a fan of "the green stuff"? Fear not! This laugh-out-loud vegetable picture book guarantees to turn even the pickiest eaters into broccoli enthusiasts!

Join Brocco, the broccoli with a mission, as he enlists his friend Ben the Beans Prince for a hilarious, smelly attack on Mannie the Sausage, who's stealing the dinner table limelight. Can Ricelina the Rice Queen save the day and put an end to bad vegetable days forever?


A True 5-STAR Experience, this best seller picture book:

  • Brings magic to conversations about healthy eating, and the importance of eating a diverse diet.
  • Ideal for picky eaters, with simple home cooking recipes, fun facts, and vegetable jokes, will make children fall in love with the broccoli instantly.
  • Engages and entertains children with a funny, adventurous story that keeps them guessing what happens next
  • Packed with bright and colourful illustrations and lovable characters


Recommended for ages 5 and up.


The Veggie Mischief (Paperback)

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