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School visits are an amazing way to inspire little readers and storytellers.

Sessions can be tailored to suit a class or education group, and I usually work with the teacher to determine most relevant topics or particular learning objectives.


Take a look below and use the School Contact form to get in touch and discuss specific needs for your group of children.

"Rawry was a T- Rex, but you see, he wasn’t just any T-Rex though, he was a Super T-Rex, meaning he had a superpower, and HIS superpower was his smile.

Well ... his big dinosaur grin! 

Whenever Rawry met someone new, he loved to make a grand introduction! He never settled for a simple "Hello, my name is Rawry" in a regular voice.

Instead, he would take a deep breath and proudly ROAR his name out with a big, booming sound that echoed through the jungle. 


Everyone seemed to like it, especially his grandparents, and they would laugh every time he did it, without fail. It soon became his signature HELLO."

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My First Book

 There is a good message throughout about healthy eating and is also very funny which kept my little one engaged until the end. Totally recommend, especially if you have a fussy eater.

Children at School

This is perfect for fussy eating pre-schoolers . My little one didn't really enjoy vegetables but after reading this with her, she became a little more open to trying broccoli and even cooking with me. We loved it! 

Learning to read

I read this to my grandkids and they loved it, especially the fart part, kids just love that. They also loved the characters and now refer to  the vegetables by the character names here. The book is  good fun, nice for bedtime reading, but also quiet afternoons.

Available in Paperback and E-book format

Why Author Visits are Important

Research shows that author visits are hugely beneficial for all readers, including those who may be more reluctant to start reading. The Society of Authors published feedback with one school reporting...



…a noticeable growth in confidence. Reluctant readers start visiting the library and many started on a journey they didn’t know existed, which lasts a lifetime. Sometimes an understanding of the inspiration behind a book will motivate a previously reluctant reader to pick up a book.

Author visits can be a major source of inspiration for children, but can also have a positive impact on their confidence in their reading and writing skills, with the National Literacy Trust reporting (June 2019) that children who had an author visit that academic year:


Were twice as likely to read above the expected level for their age (31% vs 17%)​

Were more likely to enjoy reading (68% vs 47%) and writing (44% vs 32%)

Were more likely to be highly confident in their reading (37% vs 25%) and writing (22% vs 17%)


Author Visits

Of course, it is not only writing inspiration that children can gain from author visits.

The National Literacy Trust states that author visits to schools have a positive relationship with children and young people’s reading skills, and their enjoyment and confidence in both reading and writing.

Reading a Book

Rawry's Missing Tooth

45 mins to one hour session

Includes reading of Rawry's Missing Tooth, a copy of the book for the school library, Q&A and an opportunity for children to learn about writing and


Happy Kids with Books

Brocco vs Mannie - The Veggies Mischief

45 mins to one hour session

Includes reading of Brocco vs Mannie - The Veggies Mischief, a copy of the book for the school library, Q&A and an opportunity for children to learn about writing and storytelling. 

Online Class

Remote Visits

30-45 mins sessions

Includes reading of your chosen book, a copy of this book for the school library (mailed after the event), Q&A and an opportunity for children to learn about writing and storytelling. 

School Contact

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